Remember that perennials have a bloom season, generally lasting 2 weeks. Bloom time can range from early spring to late fall, depending on the perennial. The challenge then becomes,
planting perennials with different bloom times in your garden so that you end up with continuous color.

The best time of year to rejuvenate your perennial garden is the month of September. By this time most plants have completed their life cycle for the year and are preparing themselves for the long winter ahead. This includes having stored nutrients in the roots from the previous summer’s growth. These nutrients will provide the energy required for re-growth in the spring.

If you have perennials in your garden that need to be divided or moved, September is the ideal time because:

  • It doesn’t affect the growth of the plant in the current season.
  • It allows the root to re-establish itself (set new roots) before freeze up.

It is also a good time to remove perennial weed growth and add new mulch.

We find that doing this work in the fall beats the spring rush and allows you to simply enjoy your bed coming to life in the spring! It is also better for the plants as explained earlier.