1. Dig the planting hole about twice as big as the plant root ball

2. Plant tree or shrub at the same height as it was planted in the containers

3. Add some peat moss and or compost to the material taken out of the hole

4. Take tree or shrub out of the pot

5. Place in center of the hole

6. Check straightness and depth

7. Backfill until the hole is 1/2 full with soil mixture

8. Add 3-5 gallons of water

9. Let stand 5 minutes

10. Backfill reminder of the hole leaving berm around the hole to capture water

11. Add 2 gallons of water

12. Let stand 5 minutes

13. Level berm and grade away from tree or shrub for drainage

14. Use staking to secure tree after planting

15. Staking should not be left more than 2 years

16. Do not wrap fastening material too tightly around the tree trunk

17. Put some form of protection around the base of the tree to protect from rodents and whipper snippers