We have strawberry plants for sale starting in May and that is the time to plant!

Here are some tips to have a successful strawberry patch:

Strawberry plants require a minimum of 6 hours of sunlight to produce a harvestable crop. The more sunlight the better your crop will be!

Work 6-12-12 fertilizer into your soil at least a week before planting. Plant your strawberry plants 18″ apart in rows that are 3-4ft apart.

Side dress 4-5 weeks after planting with 10-10-10, apply this fertilizer 8″ from the plant down each side of the row.

During the first year of planting remove all flowers as they appear, this will put more energy into establishing the roots on your plants giving you healthier plants that will bear a good crop of fruit the following year.

Winter Care
After harvest is completed each year mow off the foliage of the plants using a standard lawnmower taking care not to damage the crowns of the plants. After 2-3 frosts have hardened off the plants, cover them with 4″ of straw. Remove in the spring when growth begins.

Pictured below is the correct way to put your plants in the ground. Make sure the roots are well covered but take care not to cover the crown of the plant.