Fresh strawberries available now at our Farm Market.

Market Hours: Monday - Saturday 9am - 6pm

Sorry there will be no U-pick this year.


At Nabuurs, we are famous for our strawberries!

We have been growing PEI strawberries at our family farm for over 40 years and there is nothing that tastes better than a fresh summer strawberry.

If you want to grow your own strawberry plants the time to plant is early May. Many people believe that you have to wait until the danger of frost is past, but the sooner the plants are in the ground the better. The plant itself will not be damaged by frost, it is the flower that we have to be concerned about during the late frosts of May and June.

We carry early and mid season varieties like Annapolis, Jewel and Lila and late season varieties like Mira. Strawberry plants are sold in bundles with each bundle containing 25 plants.

*Prices on photos may be outdated.
Visit us at:
Nabuurs GardensĀ 
4986 A.A MacDonald Highway
Route 4 Brudenell
PEI, Canada

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